Booking Glebe Hall
Current Bookings at Glebe Hall

This is our diary showing the events currently booked at Glebe Hall.
How to Book

Before booking an event, please ensure the day or timeslot is free.

Every day events:

Daytime (whole premises) - £ 19.00 Per hour

Evening (whole premises) - £ 25.00 Per hour

Small Meeting Room (Ron Burton Room)- £ 12.50 Per hour


(includes 6pm Friday to 10am Sunday) - £ 536.00

Cleaning after wedding - £ 50.00

Cleaning after special events - £ 50.00

Discount may be available for Winterbourne residents — please enquire.

The Ron Burton Meeting Room has self-contained direct access from outdoors, also may be available with access to kitchen and toilets — please enquire.

Please use our Booking Form to reserve your room or event.
Floor Plan

Winterbourne Glebe Hall in Salisbury Wiltshire